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Emulex Connectivity Products

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*For more information on Emulex Gen 5 Performance Application benefits, please refer to these papers (Left to Right)

Proven Design, Architecture and Interface

Advanced error-checking features ensure the integrity of block data as it traverses the storage area network (SAN). Emulex’s firmware-based architecture enables feature and performance upgrades without costly hardware changes. The unique 4th Generation Service Level Interface (SLI™) allows use of a common driver across all models of Emulex HBAs on a given operating system (OS) platform. Installation and management facilities are designed to minimize server reboots and further simplify deployment.

Powerful Management Software for Maximum Data Center Efficiency

The Emulex OneCommand® Manager enterprise class management application features a multiprotocol, cross-platform architecture that provides centralized management of all adapters provided by Emulex. This enables IT administrators to manage network connectivity with one tool for maximum efficiency.

The LPe16000B also features:

  • OneCommand® Manager plug-in for VMware vCenter Server—enables comprehensive control of Fibre Channel HBAs and network (FCoE, iSCSI and TCP/IP NIC) connectivity solutions provided by Emulex from VMware’s vCenter Server management console. Emulex OneCommand Manager plug-in for VMware vCenter Server supports both the new VMware vSphere 5.1 Web Client and the VMware vCenter Server desktop client with an identical feature set regardless of the client.

Key Benefits

  •  Maximum performance—up to 1.2 million IOPS on a
    single port
  • Simplified and time-saving diagnostics of storage
    network connectivity by using Brocade ClearLink supported
    Switches and Emulex HBAs
  • Ability to meet SLAs and ensure Quality of Service for
    prioritized traffic with Emulex ExpressLane™
  • Improves IT staff productivity through simplified
    deployment and management
  • Reduces the number of cards, cables and PCIe slots
  • Exceptional performance per watt and price/
    performance ratios
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing SANs
  • Allows application of SAN best practices, tools and
    processes with virtual server deployments

Key Features

  • PCIe 3.0 bus increases interconnect performance bandwidth by 2x compared to PCIe 2.0; the new encoding scheme reduces overhead by 20% resulting in more efficient data transfers and power efficiency
  • vScale™ performance and scalability—multi-core ASIC engine with eight cores supports 255 virtual functions (VFs), 1024 Message Signaled Interrupts eXtended (MSI-X) and 8192 logins/open exchanges for maximum virtual machine (VM) density—up to 4x more than other adapters
  • 2x management functionality, and takes half the time to manage with OneCommand® Manager
  • GreenState™ power efficiency—reduces data center power consumption and associated OPEX by delivering
  • up to 4x better IOPS performance/watt
  • BlockGuard® data integrity offload— high performance T10 PI end-to-end data integrity protects against silent data corruption
  • vEngine™ CPU offload—lowers CPU burden on host server, enabling support for more VMs
  • Rock-solid reliability and thermal characteristics,
  • essential for mission-critical, cloud and virtualized applications
  • Support for MSI-X, improves host utilization and enhances application performance
  • Support for Gen 5 (16GFC), 8GFC and 4GFC devices
  • Comprehensive virtualization capabilities with support for N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and Windows virtual HBAs
  • Secure management with role-based administration integrated with Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory (AD) services
  • Common driver model, allows a single driver to support all Emulex HBAs on a given OS