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Emulex Connectivity Products

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Take 5 Highway Sign

For faster I/O, take 5 when ordering HP/Emulex solutions!

HP embraces I/O as a strategic decision with its HP storage arrays, HP 8Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel(16GFC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), and HP FlexFabric adapters for 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE), including protocol offload processing for FC over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI and TCP/IP. HP partners with Emulex to deliver intelligent I/O solutions to support the latest technologies and meet the service-level agreements (SLAs) of your customers. Along with FC and iSCSI connectivity for HP 3PAR, LeftHand, iBRIX and StoreOnce Storage, HP also deploys LAN on Motherboard (LOM) cards known as HP FlexFabric adapters.

The adapters are essentially Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) based on Emulex technology, designed for simplified deployment and engineered for reliability.

In addition to straight 10GbE NIC offerings by Emulex, HP offers FlexibleLOM adapters for both HP ProLiant servers and HP BladeSystem c-Class servers. These FlexibleLOMs offer full support for FCoE, iSCSI, and Ethernet, all at the price of a standard 10GbE adapter!!! HP FlexFabric LOMs and adapters provided by Emulex support both Virtual Connect Flex-10 and Virtual Connect Flex Fabric.

Take 5 HP SKUs

To make it easier to remember and recall for the ordering process, all you need to do is ‘TAKE FIVE’ when referencing these HP/Emulex products…we’ve got you covered!!!

HP Model #HP Part #Description
554FLB 647586-B21 HP FlexFabric 10GbE adapter (FlexibleLOM for blades)
554M 647590-B21 HP FlexFabric 10GbE dual-port mezzanine adapter
552M 674764-B21 HP FlexFabric 10GbE dual-port mezzanine adapter
554FLR-SFP+ 629142-B21 HP FlexFabric 10GbE adapter (HP FlexibleLOM for rack/tower)
NC550SFP 581201-B21 HP 10GbE dual-port adapter
NC552SFP 614203-B21 HP 10GbE dual-port adapter
NC552m 610609-B21 HP Flex-10 dual-port mezzanine adapter
NC553m 613431-B21 HP FlexFabric 10GbE mezzanine adapter

Earn more SPIFs with qualifying HP-branded products provided by Emulex
(HP SPIFs available to reseller technical representatives only)

Emulex SPIF PortalHP Part #Description
New BusinessExisting Business
$20 $10 456972-B21 HP BladeSystem c-Class mezz card 8Gb/s for HP ProLiant G7
$20 $10 659818-B21 HP BladeSystem c-Class mezz card
8Gb/s for HP ProLiant Gen8
$20 $10 581201-B21 NC550SFP dual-port 10GbE adapter
$20 $10 610609-B21 NC552m dual-port 10GbE adapter
$20 $10 614203-B21 bNC552SFP dual-port 10GbE adapter
$20 $10 674764-B21 HP NC552M Flex-10 10GbE dual-port adapter
$20 $10 AJ762B 8GFC single-port FC HBA
$20 $10 AJ763B 8GFC dual-port FC HBA
$25 $10 QR558A 16GFC single-port HBA
$25 $10 QR559A 16GFC dual-port HBA

Configure our FlexibleLOM (554FLB or 554FLR-SFP+) and any add-on FC or 10GbE adapter, and get a $5x$5 = $25 SPIF!

Emulex SPIF Portal button

Emulex Connect Partner Program benefits HP Partners

Through the CRN 5-Star award-winning Emulex Connect Partner Program, HP Connect Partners now have access to:

  • SPIFs on all Emulex and HP-branded products for reseller technical reps
  • Market development funds (MDF) to support business development efforts
  • Connect Loyalty Program benefits like priority lead distribution, demo/proof of concept equipment and increased MDF
  • Project registration benefits for pre-sales engagement
  • Technology and product-focused sales and technical training

In addition, the Emulex Connect Partner Program offers benefits across most OEM and all standard 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE), converged network and Fibre Channel (FC) products.*

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Register to download our latest HP/Emulex customer case study – learn how this customer was able to transform their business by migrating from 1GbE to 10GbE Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), while upgrading to HP ProLiant Gen8 servers!