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We are world leaders in network visibility and network recording. Our hardware-based systems are trusted by large organizations all over the world to measure, monitor, analyze, protect and troubleshoot some of the fastest and most complex networks on earth.

NetPod™ Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AA-NPM) Solution

NetPod is a fully integrated system based on Dynatrace’s Application Performance Management (APM) technology and Emulex’s Endace Network Performance Management (NPM) capture technology that provides network teams with high-fidelity network and application transaction-level visibility.

Today’s IT teams require end-to-end tools capable of doing more than assisting in monitoring and identifying performance issues. Emulex and Dynatrace have tackled these requirements by providing best-of-breed network visibility and data-driven diagnostics for network teams deploying complex, multi-tiered data center environments. Learn more

EndaceVision™ Network Visibility Software

EndaceVision Network Visibility Software is a web based visualization application that helps IT teams to search, visualize and interrogate historical network traffic recorded by EndaceProbe Intelligent Network Recorders (INRs).  EndaceVision presents a rich variety of data visualizations – both packets and metadata allowing IT teams to identify and root cause network and security issues and take appropriate action.  Learn more 

EndaceProbe™ Intelligent Network Recorder (INR)

EndaceProbe INRs capture, index and record network traffic with 100% accuracy at data rates up to 100 Gb per second. EndaceProbe INRs are deployed by IT teams to troubleshoot and diagnose network and application performance issues and help security teams investigate and contain security breaches.   Learn more

EndaceFlow™ NetFlow Generator Appliance

NetFlow is the core input into a wide variety of different detection tools but using routers and switches to generate it doesn’t always make sense, particularly in high-speed environments.

The EndaceFlow NetFlow Generator Appliance (NGA) is designed specifically to offload the work from network elements and deliver 100% accurate NetFlow in the right format to the tools that need to consume it. Learn more

EndaceAccess™ Network Visibility Head-End

EndaceAccess Network Visibility Head-End systems give organizations access to 40GbE and 100GbE network segments, enabling them to measure, monitor and protect these networks with industry standard 10 Gb per second (Gbps) capable monitoring and security tools.  Learn more

EndaceODE™ Open Application Platform

The EndaceODE Open Application Platform is designed to meet the needs of organizations that want to run custom packet-processing applications on 10 Gb per second-capable server platforms.  EndaceODE delivers 100% accurate capture to memory with the lowest heat, space and power requirement.   Learn more

EndaceDAG™ Data Capture Cards

EndaceDAG Data Capture Cards ensure 100 percent packet capture on any network, regardless of packet size, interface type or network load. They are perfect for organizations that want to build their own systems from scratch, but have the confidence that they’re catching every packet off the wire. Learn more


To complement our range of systems we offer a comprehensive range of accessories that help organizations to get the most out of their Endace systems.

Accessories include timing distribution servers, taps and other important components of a recording fabric. Learn more

EndaceCare™ Professional Services

EndaceCare professional services are available to partners and customers offering accelerated and cost-efficient installations options that allow them to get the best return on investment combined with direct access to the EndaceCare team’s specialized skills and expertise in designing and building reliable, scalable network visibility solutions.  Learn more.